Thursday, August 6, 2009


Suzy Poling from California has had her chops in the blustering aural stew as Pod Blotz for some time now, wringing the impossible out of a drift of craptronics and alchemical grease. Here the blotz is a series of Orca farts into the ruminative spend of Hades all wadded up in the biggest Kleenex disaster that threatens to tear under the peril of the whales noxious wind. All this drama bubbles to the surface of – you guessed it! – a bog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blood Stereo is Karen Constance and Chocolate Spunks big cheese Dylan Nyoukis from Brighton, UK. Their craft was scraped from the woozy corduroy centrifuge where the tape sneezed and the worlds tallest slot machine apologized for its incessant dispensation of rubber bullets.

9 x 11" Book, 40 pages screenprinted, poster, Cassette
ED. 150
Pod Blotz – Suzy Poling w/ Loachfillet
Blood Stereo – Dylan Nyoukis, Karen Constance
Art - Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman, Jesjit Gill w/ Tomas Del Balso, Alex, Jeff Garcia
Printing, Collating, Binding - JH, AZ, JG
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listen to blood stereo side on UBUWEB

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