Thursday, August 6, 2009

AYAL SENIOR space cakes

" Incredible-sounding records that are far too short are extremely frustrating. A prime example is the solo debut from former Herschel Savage and the American Flag member, Ayal Senior. At less than 20 minutes, ?Space Cakes? contains only enough gorgeous guitar/keyboard melodies to merely whet the appetite. If it weren?t for the ?repeat? setting on my CD player, I think I?d lose my mind!!

Senior is a veteran of Toronto?s growing freak scene, playing in the aforementioned HSAF, collaborating with a number of likeminded Torontonian weirdos, and ? oddly enough ? writing the introduction to ?Vampire Vultures,? John Fahey?s posthumous follow-up to ?How Bluegrass Destroyed my Life.? As a solo artist, he combines idiosyncratic synth-pop with rollicking folk guitar to craft a distinctive sound: bedroom psych for extraterrestrial loners. ?Space Cakes? is primarily an instruments-only affair. It isn?t until the closing track, a pure gem of a song, that Senior unveils his soft, mellifluous voice. Perhaps if the album were longer, we?d get to hear more of his gentle crooning. I guess we?ll have to wait for the next one... 9/10" - Bryon Hayes, Foxy Digitalis

8.5x 14”, double sided screenprint, cutout into collapsing star of david, CD
ED. 80
Space Cakes = Ayal Senior
Art, Printing - Jacob Horwood
Assemblage – JH, Jon Shapiro
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