Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ayal Senior's New Cassette


Ayal Senior - Hebrew Lips
Here is a sweet slice of psychotropic euphoria from Ayal who with this release celebrates his fourth music-related release on Beniffer. This one is destined to be the prom queen of the lot, already having received rave reviews from my roommate. We've resolved that Sr. has really "reached" with this one, right into the utopia of the minds eye or some such nonsense. Like a teenage can of orange juice concentrate he navigates saccharine psych-pop moves with the clever daint of the Woods Family as fronted by Bobb Trimble. To say that Ayal has outdone himself with this one would be an understatement of hummer-limo proportions, so it would be best for baby to taste this one for himself. Co-written by Jackie Shapiro.
Tape comes cradled in a silkscreened surprise foldout from the active imagination of Jacob Horwood, cover painting by G. Edwards.


ALSO! The Halo Halo October Mixtape is done. On it you will find spoOoOooooOOky music from 50 artists, all mixed together in deep-stereo by myself. It comes with a 2 in 1 poster by Jeff Garcia, Winston Hacking and myself for the Goin' Steady Monster Mash that we're doing "environments" for.
This will be available at She Said Boom and Soundscapes soon or through me. I think it will also be on sale at the White House thing on halloween.

Thanks! BYE

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