Thursday, August 6, 2009

WASTED NYMPH Inmost Diarrhea Of The Astral Crone Vol #1

Josh and Dom present their first tape for Beniffer Editions, a veritable GPS through the plumbing of hell, plumber
hell, where thermometers ejaculate as the flagpoles of exposed, pubic-ridden cleavage, just reaking like diaper
heaven. The music here is plundered from some of the best and worst of am/fm/nfl/nba/mfa/vd/tb/pms radio inter
spliced with genuine bongsong talent for stupid-cupid popular wowwy. Sound bites blister and seethe in the
sauna of baphomet's hottentot labias smacking like roast-beef on the dock of the bay, at once enraptured by the
sacrilegious song of ghoul-pool, Montreal. Music to "dig" by, no doubt about it - the "next" shit.

Clamshell case, Screenprinted cover, Marbled Insert, Cassette
ED. 75
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