Thursday, April 12, 2007

huevos no intergalactics

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The Burning Turds Retrospective Compilation

this is an album i've been using in dj sets for a while now. i think i have finally exhausted the 58 songs on here - but that doesn't mean you have to.. this comp has it all! all genres imaginable playing atrociously by a host of different bands. to name a few: tittyfuck a volkswagon, x-ray of a boiled sandwich, sheep squeeze, sportscreme, carburetor piss popsicle, teenage care upholstery-q from nebraska and edith bunker's demonized vomit insurance (the man who compiled this and coincidentally has a new double cdr on beniffer). there is no way i'm going to type the track listing, sorry. use your imagination and download here

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