Friday, April 6, 2007

sounds of north american adult bookstores OOP zanger

this here is the first and only sounds of north american adult bookstores album on beniffer. this band is essentially gastric female reflex when we were young and interested in making music. now that we're fatigued and morally bankrupt from real life we share these moments of clarity and sheer out-of-printedness with you, our as of yet non-existent public. this album was recorded in 2005 and originally mistaken for a psych album - listening back now we were most likely bemused by the enthusiasm of making something different from what we're used to. all of the tape bullshit, hiss and concret goo-goo ga-ga is still there but the content is noticeably low-key. sources range from gamelan hordes, flash-backs of grassy-knoll looped helicopter tales, legends of vcr malfunction, zither behemoth and waking-life reverb - no coffee. this is also one of the most terribly recorded of our albums.
sonaabs on this recording is jacob horwood, andrew zukerman and an occasional william a. davison of six heads, nurse with wound, et al.
not really that much more to say about it other than i hope someone has read up to this point...

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