Friday, May 11, 2007

oh man

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i've been falling into the apathetic trap that so many bloggers fall victim to in the first weeks of their blogging. i will attempt to amend these follies and update you on the progress of beniffer editions. well. we have a couple releases due for early next week:

gastric female reflex "joplin scarecrow" cdr
-total cut-up inanity. we really are getting worse and caring less so you should really consider indulging in this effusive document of imbecilic hip-hop, sandbox masturbation and pseudo-classical defacement. comes in a 24 page silkscreened book of collages and drawings by charles balls or the more serious andrew zukerman.

afternoon penis "at the crack of dawn" cdr
-nate nelson from mouthus demonstrates how to cultivate a solo project that is neither boring or derivative. i really like this album. ummmm. split release with LSD OTB.

man made hill "neck trip" cassette
this guys fucked! insane cut-up of found and fondue miniatures, legendary toronto dipper.

id m theft able/ loachfillet "organ standards" split 2xcdr
-two totally different projects on totally different coasts laying the sonic purple-nurples on organ classics, whether drowning in castor oil and choking on its own upchuck or plastered at a work party and molesting the maitre'de, these two examples of cockeyed retrograde pop make lampshades convulse and toes tap water in the sahara night. comes in a silkscreened foldout with sewed pocket.

...and speaking of id m theft able:

Saturday May 26th/ 9pm
@ the Press Club (850 Dundas W.)
BRIAN RURYK (Toro, Gadget Bill)
NO MAN BAND (Tielli Gorge, south projects)

-you may remember id m theft able's legendary performance last year at the bagel as being one of the top-shelves show-wise that year. if not, here is your second chance to witness maine's bearded treasure laying the electro-acoustic farts of amplified surfaces, running through decades of samurai talon posed as if in the midst of a post-feminist agenda - fear of inhaling soapy water indebted to the act of clapping shores into the concret mixer:
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