Wednesday, July 11, 2007


alright so i'm doing a really bad job of keeping this updated and i doubt at this point that anyone is bothering to read this. actually this is all pretty indicative of my life at this point, right so if you want to get a copy of the MAN MADE HILL cassette or AFTERNOON PENIS cdr or the MONOPOLKA 7"/book or the GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX cdr/book or the ODRADEK/JOSH THORPE split cassette - you now know we have them and can order/ask for them and yeah - even though they're not listed on our website which is no doubt shittier than this blog. i have some albums i'm going to upload this week and you will be able to download them too. but in the meantime you might like to know about this show that is happening very very soon

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Wednesday July 25th/ 10pm
@ the Tranzac front room (292 Brunswick)

Pon de Replay - tape loop capers realized in 1000x real-life. montreal tried tested and true.

Slim Twig - rockabilly incarnation of james chance only a lot less lame. pompadour encyclopaedia abound.

Conspiracy of Familiar Objects - sounds from inside the kidney of an incontinent armed-robber looking to knock over a life-sized replica of xerxes as an ice-cream cone.

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