Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ethno-juice safari

Here is a show coming up!
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@ under the Bathurst Bridge (Bathurst and Front streets)
(an evening of white boy rap from baltimore)

OCDJ - top forty-shit meets nintendo rainbow fellatio.(

RUBBED RAW - intensely white rap-scrap from Baltimore's mustached DJ Dog Dick (Nautical Almanac) and bigDaddy Nugg (the projects). (

JIMMY JOE ROCHE - kind of reminds me of WTF personified as watch the videos.

HARD LOVE IN TIMES NEW ROMAN - typeface concept band featured in original line-up with Amy Lam TCB. also features members of 61 major funny money.


also - here is another album i uploaded today. i hope you like it. first side is a kind of artificial soundscape mix with some insane helicopter and cricket action. the other side proves that Luc Ferrari was the Brian Ruryk or Hanatarashi of 20th century classical. dig it.

LUC FERRARI - Presque Rien no.1 b/w Societe II (deutsche grammophon)
get it here:

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