Friday, August 10, 2007


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okay - so we're really working on our new website now - really. we have a domain name and everything! check it out, theres a black-hole the size of an expectant anus there:
feels good.
and now you will have to really get the spelling right to figure out where it is. let me spell it out for you B-E-N-I-F-F-E-R (space) E-D-I-T-I-O-N-S.
should be up at the pace you probably have come to expect from us which is lightning slow. but worry not - there are two new tapes for you to chew on while patiently awaiting the beniffer nutsack to make your chin its home.

Dreamcatcher - Cramming (montreal harsh-reality, pilfering sonic tombs with nothing but a pillowcase and bad breath to lift your atrophied limbs. i've seen people dancing to it! comes in a boxboard foldover with one-color print deal done up on oil-based photoplate faggotry).

Braiincloud/ Garden - splitsville (two projects from legendary toronto bag-burner/ queen vid employee/ john fahey collaborator Ayal Senior. a showcase of his many ventures into popular song and weed-worship. three words: SMOKE IT. comes in another foldover which is silkscreened and noticeably stoned)

what else? i've started doing house shows again and will continue on a bi-weekly basis. last night we had the lovely isla craig play the roof, the handsome matt king play the "condor, fishing for a cinder" and the ever astonishing gmackrr play the mind-fuck. nexties? tomas del balso's new boner, something ryan driver related and then something else which will remain a total mystery for the time being.

in the meantime we're working on our second compilation which promises to be a real winner. here is a sneak peak of the big, sweaty, heaving "talents":

x-ray of a boiled sandwich
orphan fairytale
sudden infant
pee in my face with surgery
crown now
the pink noise
green mist
diatric puds and the blobettes
crank sturgeon
bonsai forestry
vagina bison
dj dog dick

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