Wednesday, October 24, 2007

that song from go go second time virgin

this is the song from go go second time virgin in three different versions.
these are the lyrics i painstakingly typed out so you can read along...
mama i'm taking off
the tour bus stops
the cuckoo cries for mama
no seeing you again
everyone betrays me, cuts me off
jean, miller and norman mailer in the dumps
this is not an erect, all-red neon body
though gathering on the edge of a tepid knife
now the park is patrolled, my living room is watched
my policeman's coffee
no seeing you again
the black list i made
the caesarean section of the map
mama, i'm taking off
for now, in the city night
a naked luch, a blood-filled lunch
slit my wrists from impotence and drugs
mama, i'm taking off
to kill them all... to execute all about me.

and this is the link:

and this is van damme getting a boner on television:

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