Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beniffer Editions DJ's now so Teranga

we've decided to do a DJ monthly because we buy too many records and seriously don't know what to do with them. there will be some of our things for sale and a special mixtape partly informed by pre-pubertal sentiments for sale. otherwise, you should know that Teranga is a Senegalese restaurant and has some of the best food i've tasted and you should definitely consider eating some if and when you come.
thanks for reading and here is the informations:

Friday January 25th/ 9pm
Beniffer Editions DJ thing: this month is Radio Googoogaagaa
@ Teranga (159 Augusta, upstairs)

DJ Free I-pod & DJ Duffs play the following genres of music:
FAS-indebted krunk
post-menopausal mating-call love songs
union songs
popular vigilantism
casual to semi-formal kosmiche
household concret
answering machine
blue-collar psych
20th c. bong song
4 Goblin soundtracks at once
pre-radiohead pussy power
divorcee war cry
island of the punks


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wow, awesome blog, guys!

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