Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CROWN NOW, DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE, LEAD SISTER II, MAN MADE HILL beniffer editions winter anthology 2009

so there has never really been a launching of the beast of all beasts from early early this year - we went over out heads on every aspect of this book and it marks the first publication that is text based - what we have here is 48 full color pages of new art by bff staff and a few from mike gagne and randy made hill gagne - the text is something that ive always wanted to share with people - Ayal Senior's pseudo screenplay err screenplay from the late nineties was pretty amusing, and still is - its a super confident university ayal with about 50000 ideas for really incredible film scenarios - except - at a moment, he ditches the idea and goes to the next - good read even almost ten years later

"Toronto's Bennifer Editions label has come along and blown our collective socks clean off with its eye-popping, off-the-wall approach to presenting ear-shattering, off-the-wall music. Quite simply, NO-ONE is doing what this label do, which is creating the most staggering music-art-dream artefacts this side of the universe.. Can't really urge you enough to hop aboard this insane and utterly GOOD train. This release is a double-cassette anthology featuring four acts - Dolphins Into The Future, Crown Now, Lead Sister and Man Made Hill. Each side is pretty thrilling but it's the first side, from Man Made Hill which has left us completely speechless. Like some bizarre conjunction between Mudboy, Blood Stereo and Orphan Fairytale, this one boggles the lugs from square one, and just goes up and UP and UUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP. All of this glorious music comes with a hand-made art
book / screen-play, all beautifully screen-printed and stuffed full of the most ludicrous, brain-punishing imagery, supersonic colour mashing, and mind-melting pop-scum butchery, and the whole effect is just.... well, it makes everything else seem dull by comparison. Place this brick of cosmic desire at the gable-end of your soul and enjoy a richer, more meaningful life". Alt Vinyl, UK.

6 x 6" Book, 96 pages Screenprinted, perfect bound, Double Cassette.
ED. 80
*Four bands, one side each: Man Made Hill, Dolphins Into The Future, Lead Sister II, Crown Now
*Includes "The Last Screenplay" by Ayal Senior
Man Made Hill – Randy Gagne
Dolphins Into The Future – Lieven Martins
Lead Sister II – Joshua Hume
Crown Now – Miles, Bizzy
Art - Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman w/ Randy Gagne, Mike Gagne
Collating, binding, layout - JH
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