Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Unlikely issue of a collection spanning the decade 1988-98 from this obscure American savant-punk outsider. Tales of Batson's cracked reign are thin on the ground, as he seems to have spent long periods completely off the map, but eyewitness reports include shows with him dressed as a minister, addressing the crowd from a makeshift pulpit, and a notorious gig where he set his head on fire while wearing a crash helmet and leathers. His musical persona is informed by the kind of oddball avant garde personas favoured by Zappa's Bizarre/ Straight label (cf Captain Beefhart/Wild Man Fischer), filtered through a post-punk 1980's mindset. At points the madness does threaten to overtake the music, but if you are at all entertained by rock at its most mindlessly unselfconscious, then you're sure to dig the hell out of it" - David Keenan, Wire 2008.

"Bad Boy Butch Batson is based out of North Carolina where after a brief stint in the world of amateur wrestling he took up the blue-collar lifestyle and produced Spare Parts, a labor of love that took 10 years and dozens of studio musicians to realize. The result is a reckless cavort through the annals of popular song, ranging from wrestling rock anthems delivered in almost heroic Beefheartian gaudiness to mid 80s slasher vibes with narration provided in a congested indignity by a self-hating eunuch to uneasy love songs from the acne-scarred panty-collector, all interspliced with a series of gawky real-life tape collages. This is real outsider shit and no comparison to Jandek or the Shaggs will fully elucidate monumental what-the-fuckdedness of this here slab of vinyl." - Bennifer Editions

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