Friday, August 7, 2009

Beniffer Summer Update I

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Schimpfluch-Gruppe - Paris Aktionen LP
Brutal Document of two Live Actions performed in Paris 1996 & 1997. Aktion 961123 (theinfamous "Spaghetti-Action") featuring Rudolf, Dave Philips, Helena Greter & Aktion 970223 featuring Rudolf, Dave Philips, Helena Greter, Doris Tomasoni. Edition of 500 copies. Mastered & cut by Rashad at D&M, Berlin. Co-released with Tochnit Aleph.

Art: Rudolf


Wasted Nymph - Inmost Diarrhea of the Astral Crone Part II cassette
Wasted Nymph continue their infantile excursion into the stereo diaper, probing the depths of their fly by night aesthetic with the audible grief of an gastroenteroligist's rehearsal dinner. Sometimes when a piece of music like this comes my way I find myself at a loss of words, embracing abstractions to better illustrate the esoteric; but I find that with this particular piece of transgression all that comes out is foor CamCamCamCA jjjjjjjjjje Re-O Re-O corsica NumNums. For fans of early Red Krayola and Broken Penis Orchestra. Still the best band in Montreal.
Check out Wasted Nymph on the synthbabes blog:

Music: Joshua Bastien & Dominiq Alexander
Art: Andrew Zukerman
Inserts: Joshua Bastien & Jacob Horwood


Metalux - 1-0-0-3 cassette
Metalux has carved their name into the forearm of contemporary whatshamacallit music, backwards, in braille and with a shiv fashioned from a colgate medium bristle toothbrush. This emission is testament to their handiwork... Dollops of seafoam nausea seethe in the tumult of tape-manipulated vocals while hypocritical sheets of electronic sunburn blaspheme immodest keyboard vendettas... Kind of like eating a mustard gas sandwich while you're pregnant. Comes in a package of 4 double-sided silkscreened patches on organic-cotton, and another board thing that's pretty good, i guess...

Music: MV Carbon & Jenny Graf
Art/Printing: Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman & MV Carbon


Ignatz - Some of Them Are Funny Songs cassette
This little number marks Bram Deven's second helping on Beniffer after the hugely successful (for us) cassette a couple of years ago. Fans of Ignatz will notice that there is something noticeably different about this compared to Bram's earlier overcast transmissions - a certain amount of, dare I say overtness? Which isn't to say that it is completely lacking in the cavernous brume of his signature blues-lathered night-vision psalms... No nono n o n ooo, these songs have been growing in the same mildewy place under the mattress, the creative undergrowth that inflamed the minds of other downer-folk heros such as Dave Bixby, Jakob Olausson and Alexander Spence, but this time recorded on a clean, de-magnitized tape with percussion and organ accompaniment. You will like this. Comes in a silkscreened & velcro'd fold-around.

Music: Bram Devens
Art/Printing: Jacob Horwood
Insert: Andrew Zukerman & Randy Gagne


Andrew Zukerman - Book and Cassette
Look at this! Consists of 32 pages of collaged images done with drawing, photocopies and 2-colour screenprint. Often potent and engrossing, the collection is a true testament to the ever evolving musical and visual collages of A. Zukerman. Better to see for yourself. - Laura McCoy
The cassette is all archival tape source from 2004-09 collaged straight to cassette, full of blunders and re-do's. All very personal and brimming with inflamed memories... Side two is a bootleg split with the Carnival of Souls soundtrack by Gene Clark and Olivier Messiaen's Fete des Belles Eaux

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