Friday, August 7, 2009

V/A -nosejobs and anklesocks

A1 ID M Theft Able A Message From ID M Theft Able
A2 Raionbashi Madder
A3 Man Made Hill Body Lotion
A4 Unknown Artist A Note-Worthy Attempt At Grace
A5 Jacob Horwood Eiton-Shapiro, Glued To My Throat
A6 Charles Balls Evening Raga Recorded Through The Mouth Of Charles Balls
A7 Raionbashi Gastric Kafather
A8 Clay's Festering Lungs Bone Drinker's Union
A9 No Man Band Rose Of Allendale, Live At Edward Day Gallery
B1 Unknown Artist Hymn Of A Jealous Lover
B2 Charles Balls Travelling Choda Stench, Radio Marvel
B3 Drona Parva Tape Gamelan
B4 Deepkiss 720 Old School
B5 Kutzkelina Untitled
B6 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Can Of Worms (Mix #9)
B7 Raionbashi Birds, Glued To My Throat
B8 Unknown Artist Radio Spot For Game Of Survival
B9 Unknown Artist Orgone Tryouts '71
B10 Schimpfluch-Gruppe 971010 Tokyo - Setagaya Museum Of Modern Art
B11 ID M Theft Able A Message From ID M Theft Able

Cassette, color photocopy cover, insert
edition of 120
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