Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pee Wee Herpes and Ally McBLT

hi -
trying to keep updating this thing even if not much is going down...
here are some samples of what is to be expected in the next couple of weeks from beniffer editions. due to my somewhat subpar understanding of everything web-related, i haven't figured out how to embed these files, so in the meantime you can download them as they are in shitty m4a format.

the gnostics - luminous monlith

brian ruryk - cycle of fords, disc ? track 1

The Gnostics is release is nearing completion! it is a 4.5x6 style silkscreened zine/book with original art from the members, reappropriated (sp?) and layered into some other kind of compositions. luminous monolith is the first track on the first side of the first tape (there are two of them).

Brian Ruryk's Cycle of Fords is in the process of being burned... 6 cdr's x edition of 100, you do the math. this is a landmark occasion for us as it is our last cdr release on the label. the whole procedure of burning these cd's, having the burner fail time and time again, checking the discs and realizing that half of them don't work should serve as a testament to my everlasting allergy to this shitty medium. anyway - when it is done it will be AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. they come in 5" reel boxes!

in other news there is this:
yes, a poster. it is the first in a series of poster/mixtapes sets by Jeff Garcia and myself for Halo-Halo Screenprinting ( this is the august issue. i made the mixtape - 60's wasted psych theme (alan watts, anal magic, the sandpipers, etc...) septembers is almost done and the mixtape was found on the side of the road and it has some real blazers by our lady peace, tori amis and beastie boys.

and then this



Unknown said...

hi andrew, nice blog you've got here.
please save me an august tape.
it's nikki, ok bye.

Dave C said...

At last a chance toget something by Thee Gnostics how do i buy!!!! So looking forward to this!