Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SHOWCASE announcement

@ 225 Sterling (House of Everlasting Super Joy)

Reformed expressly for this event and to celebrate the issue of their archival book/double cassette, Thee Gnostics will bring back the painful memories and reopen the festering sores of a jam bourn out of acid wedlock - revisit the homeland of crummy acid psychedelic pastures and project forth into the outer precincts of garage aesthetics. Thee Gnostics are Hawkwind with its head in the oven.

The author, mastermind and maniac-hoarder of Alliances for Debris steals guitars from Zellers - he's been caught on camera and will be apprehended if he attempts to go back to the Galleria location. What he does with these is so savage and inexcusable it should remain private. It all sounds like Hanatarash with a recycling bin for a vocabulary. Brian will be celebrating his 6 cdr boxset on Beniffer.

Archaic Women is what happens when you lose your shit in the 60's, spend the 70's as a paranoiac masturbator and live out the rest of your life letting all of your words reenact a private bittersweet double meaning. In the pulsating, reiterative mind of a strung out ego burgeons a shapeshifting and incalculable remembrance of the song that was heard when your mind died. Archaic Women is Max of Slim Twig playing that song. Sounds like a Zombies record skipping in a stifling Chernobyl-like exhaust (and sometimes literally is). Max will be celebrating his poster/cassette that was released a while ago, oh well.

Randy Gagne is taller than the your typical low-rise apartment complex, yet he rides on the wings of a bong-headed eagle, just over the horizon where the promise of lush rainbow-sound is a fertile-bitch to be treated with the touch of a feather on egyptian cotton. Randy is the Man Made Hill, with his velvet source and his music whispering to your chi with erogenous insinuation. Pretty much like Prince in a heightened state of ambiguity and abstraction. Randy will be celebrating his new LP which may or may not be finished by the time this show happens.

w/ DJ NO REQUESTS PLEASE ONLY 2 MINUTE GARAGE SONGS which is Tim, the man behind the counter of Frantic City.
w/ projections and other stuff

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Dan Zen said...

Check out Thee Gnostics vids, sounds and pics at http://theegnostics.com - we are also on MySpace.