Friday, December 4, 2009

smell of the fist 667

hi - i know my keeping up with this blog has been rather infrequent but that's only because we're busy in preparation of the mind-blowing winter update. so if you're checking back regularly (i'm sure you're not), expect that massive excretion pronto.. included on the update:

Brian Ruryk 6x cdr boxset
Thee Gnostics 2x cassette/book
Sus/Jakob split 7" lathe
Man Made Hill LP
Matthew "Doc" Dunn cassette
DJ Dog Dick cassette
Wasted Nymph cassette
Andrew Zukerman one sided 7" lathe/cassette/poster

there is also going to be the first "Beniffer Showcase" show in January. Line-up and venue will be announced shortly.
... so check back soon!



Dave C said...

im getting too excited about the Thee Gnostics release!!!

Matt Boteilho said...

release that Doc Dunn joint! christmas present timing? lets go!