Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Catalogue 2010 - out now

Brian Ruryk - Cycle of Fords 6x cdr boxset
This is Brian Ruryk's magnum opus - there - i said it. This is a project that he's been working on for a long time now and we here at Beniffer are TICKLED to bring it to you. This is a serious piece of work - 6 cd's of no holds barred cut-up confusion. Using the acoustic guitar as who-knows-what (concept!?!), Ruryk maims, affronts and kicks his axe in the pendulous motherload - does most anything that doesn't involve delving into a red-hot blues detour. With filing cabinets succumbing to Newtonian laws and lids of wet cat food spraying sonic juice and deflecting off of an overturned cassette footstool, there is not much of nothing going on, if that makes sense.
6 blank-ass cdrs come in screenprinted envelopes inside a 1/4 reel box with an insert.

Max Eisenballz (DJ Dog Dick) - From Place to Place cassette
Baltimore's own playboy slumdawg enters your backdoor with the ease of room temperature butter shooting into a lock with a caulking gun; once inside he knits a Cosby-sweater out of your brain with swarthy electronic yarns extruded from junkyard bird-call imitations and confused alarm clocks that mistake PM with FM. Without much further ado he pulls out a CD-RW of himself singing in the shower and you're under the impression it's gossamer burning up on a pot of cooking pasta. I feel like this is the future of hip-hop.
Cassette comes in a reproduction of a box of Moroccan diarrhea medication that Jacob got when his butt was having fecal miscarriages. He was on vacation.

Thee Gnostics - Archival 2x cassette/booklet
In a faraway land, where crystalline car dealerships and stately drive-thru slop shops stood immaculate, a band of sagacious, chemically-altered teaheads huddled in a vacant post office in a tent that was left there from the time of the Sumerians. This was in Hamilton, Ontario - early 90's... Anyway, the ceiling of the tent was deep space; constellations became their pets and unnamed planets became their personal pan pizzas... It was there that they met God, it was all Blueberry shaped non-sequiters and top-heavy answers, enough to cave in the cab of a cube-van. Upon stumbling out of the now fog-encumbered tent their heads were weighted down by the incessant drone of the spheres, a tinnitus-like unceasing that clouded their perception. With nothing else to help with this cochlear roar they harmonized, like a ragtag assembly of Beached Boys with an orphic caveman stomp that matched the brutal profoundness of the soul. And here it is - the selected works of Thee Gnostics, a band that ceaselessly put petals on wahwah pedals in the tradition of Hawkwind and the 13th Floor Elevators. This is a serious INSTANT CLASSIC.
Double cassettes come with a 48 page silkscreened/photocopied fanzine-style booklet, with re-appropriated poster art and with liners by Bruce Mowat.

Cubic Susuration/Jakob Olausson split 7" lathe
Side one is a oceanic demonstration by Cubic Susuration, better known as Sus. A vocal-based meditation with hazy string accompaniment that reminds this author of the mournful sleeplessness of 4am; fixtures and nuances cast in non-light, acting out their own clandestine lives unknowing of your silent witness. It's teetering creepiness is both a repose and a oracular wooze. I like it!
Side two is a song by Jakob Olausson that didn't make it on to the now classic album Moonlight Farm. Having lived and breathed that album, as I'm sure a lot of you have, I don't think it to be inaccurate to say that this song is a total missing link. All the Jakob elements are there; the deep velveteen intonation of a voice in an ominous well, the consummate weary of pace and tone and the hugeness of a guitar caught in a giant's hairpiece.
The record comes in a special edition inner sleeve, screenprinted jacket inside a printed/sewn fabric bag.
The 7" itself was cut on long-lasting vinyl at PJ Mansion in Montreal, this means you can listen to it without the consternation of listening to a regular lathe cut. For more information on this visit

Andrew Zukerman - Don't Dress the Petal Near the Void 1-sided 7" lathe/cassette/poster
This is a recording that was made with mouth, water, tape and percussion. It was multitracked/composed by taping off the erase head on a 1/4 inch tape machine. The cassette is some odds and ends of mostly analog sketches culled off some forgotten reels; compositions for synthesizer/tape loop systems, vocal tomfooleries and straight-up freewheeling tape collage. Comes with a fuckin poster. Also cut at PJ Mansion.

Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Peace Be Your Rider cassette
Doc's new cassette for our humble label begins in the in the dream of a gullible seiner captain and progresses forth into the secret anesthetic world of a Cape Cod bleeding performed on a blind man's estranged guide dog. Having been drained the dog can smoke cigarettes and experience concurrent head rushes.
Matthew rolls with the dexterous style of the Americana giants but rends and teases the strands of tradition thereby wringing out the extruded cry of a guitar getting a deep tissue massage. The strings snap back like ropes on a makeshift bridge enduring the weight of a massive and unknowable universe... Deep music for DEEP TIMEZ.
Cassette comes in a silkscreened foldover by Horwood.

Wasted Nymph - Urlapse cassette
The nymph is back with it's legs spread further apart as if on some demonic exercise machine. The addition of Montreal's Nintendo-psych king Brian Seeger adds a dexterity that make those lady-bumps jump like a bowl of jello on a mechanical bull. With this cycle of new songs, our favorite trio stretch out their ramshackle compositions on the train tracks, allowing them to writhe in delightful syncopation before being jammed underneath westbound freighters carrying Olive Garden Restaurants from town to town.
A single 30 minute cassette comes in the usual white plastic Fantasia case with a cover designed by Josh Bastien of the band and Zukerman.

Also included in the Winter Catalogue, but already posted on the blog is
Ayal Senior - Hebrew Lips

Archaic Women - The Hit Sixties

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