Wednesday, March 3, 2010

you don't have to say you camisol inn

HEY although it's not a beniffer release i thought i'd still share this development...
we just received our copies of the new gastric female reflex 7" record entitled "plays the music of alan ant farm". the record is housed in a 3 color silkscreened sleeve that we printed with an insert or two. the record itself was pressed on white vinyl and released by the lips infection imprint from italy. we have several copies that we're letting go for $5 a piece. this: =^-_-^=
otherwise - hey, yeah, sooooo
the next things we will let seep is the following... probably in this order:

man made hill LP - finally happening, another classic testament to randy's ever hardening meat propulsion
evil moisture one sided 12" - circuit-bent clown antics severe electronic capers
diatric puds and the blobettes 7" and book - morgue-korg and undead chorus-line
angst hase pfeffer nase cassette and wank package - mustache has snake lonk burrow forever

although you know that these things are happening i couldn't help but let me excitement pool like a puddle of chocolate milk in my lap

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