Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Review For P'zuzzle Z'zanswers By Man Made H'zill

Alrighta! - all thanks to hazy for this review of doseth1's first LP - we will be distroing this joint most likely in a month when the summer catalog is ready...until then....

"Like most bands that have sprouted from Toronto's fertile psychedelic/noise underground, Disguises is a band whose sound is an amalgam of influences – each member brings his own unique musical schema to the party. Drummer Randall Gagne, the newest member of the band, originally hails from Cambridge, a small commuter city about an hour's drive from Toronto proper (incidentally, I recently moved from Toronto to Cambridge last year). Cambridge is a weird, mutant city – the result of amalgamating three large towns. There are factories across the street from subdivisions and conservation areas near metal refineries. To get anywhere, you have to get in a car and drive. Gagne's solo work as Man Made Hill reflects this weird, pseudo-suburban lifestyle, without the false glamour and neighbour-baiting angst.

“Puzzle Answers,” Man Made Hill's first slab of vinyl, is a pastiche of 1980s synthesizer slime, loose drum machine rhythms and bizarre pitch-shifted vocal glee. It's a record you might find on the Mutant Sounds blog, sandwiched between an obscure Yamatsuka Eye record and a European coldwave cassette. There's a subtle sense of humour present on every track, but it doesn't detract from the music at all. Gagne's hit upon a fresh sound, one that's both a throwback to the plastic 1980s and a look forward to decades unknown. Join him in exploring this new world of sound, you won't be disappointed. 9/10 -- Bryon Hayes (9 June, 2010)"

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