Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why it's LIKE

hi -
i know there hasn't been much action here and that i'm probably writing to a non-existent audience... but things are going to change around here. soon this will be the go-to place for all things beniffer. theres going to be photos and descriptions and stuff, so tune in. for now i will tell you about what you will see splooging forth from the Beniffer loin in the coming weeks...

Schimpfluch Gruppe LP (this month)
Metalux cassette (this week)
Wasted Nymph cassette (out now!)
thee Gnostics 2x cassette/book (this Month)
Kommisar Hjuler/ Mama Baer cassettes (this month)
Archaic Women cassette (slim twig side project) (this month)
Brian Ruryk 6x cdr boxset (sometime soon)

a little later:
Diatric Puds and the Blobettes cassette/ art book ft. Evil Moisture, Winston Hacking, William Davison and more.
Man Made Hill LP
and other stuff i can't remember

ok, pictures and otherstuff soon