Friday, April 6, 2007

my herpo

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maybe i should mention:
Sunday April 8th, 9pm
@ Cinecycle. $10.

Jean-Louis Costes
- feculent "performance artist"/"musician" from France, touring Canada and the States with the last dregs of his dignity. watch on as Costes and friends humiliate themselves into a violent naked stupor. song titles like it's time to shit, my cock is my dog, this closet is the best and my orgasm in mummy butt may sufficiently characterize what he's all about but just for good measure:
or you know, youtube him...

+the Pederast (painful recollections of a super-sonic wedgie outpatient)
+Double Fisting (zeesy powers yogurt slinging project)
+Charles Balls (charles balls' smeel project)

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