Friday, April 6, 2007

smeared gravity and guitars lippin' off OOOP bruises gaffer

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this post is in direct response to this asshole shit right here:
seriously - downloading this album at .39 a song is absurd and probably more expensive for the price we originally sold it at. here is the album (which has been out-of-print for some time now) for free. its brian's first recording for our label and it is a serious piece of artistry. also check out his split LP with gastric female reflex on beniffer. and look out for our reissue of his total fucking crap masterpiece 'lil willie this summer.
here is the original write-up for this:
Ex-folley editor taking risks with his neighborhood recycling! 23 Fanta bottles, 14 ravioli & artichoke cans and 156 pieces of shelving & office discard succumb to natural forces (ie. gravity, deflection and acoustic genocide) at the hands of the most notoriously anti-musical trash wanker. All of this set somewhere between freddy vs. jason slow-mo and harlequin diamond fuck-brace hi-fi to "bluegrass" guitar playing. Acoustic! Comes in a screenprinted, tri-marbled cardboard diskette envelope, sealed as all sticky fuck. edition of 98.

download is here

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