Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Today's update comes from Canadian duo The Pink Noise, whom have easily proved themselves as the reigning pioneers of the entire new lo-fi synth "movement." This cassette was released on Bennifer editions sometime last year and will see a deluxe vinyl reissue on Sacred Bones ( sometime over the next few months. A totally peaced out collection of destructo boombox symphonies - all channeled through the particular Pink Noise aesthetic of pseudo rap/speaking vocals, ambiguous instrumentation, and plastered casio beats. The way in which The Pink Noise maintain a totally singular vision while being utterly referential of genre and decade is truly mindboggling. Ripped straight from cassette" - cosmic slop

"A project from Toronto, Canadian Mark Sauner who seamlessly amalgamates the gamut of his musical influences - from early-mid period Madonna to Formula 1 video game soundtracks into a low-fi Californicated dream-cream of sedan/convertible cruise-pop. This album of 2 minute post-wave compositions for synthesizer, guitar, drum machine and delay-swollen vocal comes in a fold-over/over-sized silkscreened WTF sleeve or something". - beniffer

A1 Get High (Love Is the Drug)
A2 Oh Caroline
A3 Crystal Ball, Crystal Skull
A4 Step in a New Skin
A5 Love Magic
A6 Sludge
B1 Rube for You
B2 Blinded by Arcade Lights
B3 New Feelin's
B4 In Modern Colours
B5 Pure Candy
B6 Treasure of the Arabian Nights
B7 Do the Shimmer Slither
B8 The Hallow Gods

9 x 12" double sided foldout - becomes 9 x 20", Screenprinted, Cassette
ED. 80
The Pink Noise – Mark Sauner w/ slim twig
Art - Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman
Printing - JH
order via -

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