Thursday, August 6, 2009

MONOPOLKA massive ejaculation 7" & book

"Retarded mental NES cut up, no sense, no sobriety Phil Wolotkin aka monopolka, hails from St. Petersburg Russia and is the most disoriented electronic composer on the planet. Dizzy toilet bowl mornings, and cut up editing to the millisecond. He even manages to make fun of wolf eyes in one of his song titles...bad idea!" – Beniffer

10 x 10” Screenprinted Book, 18 pages, 10 x 40” foldout, sewn pocket for 7”
ED. 150
Monopolka = Phil Wolotkin
Art – Jacob Horwood, Sekitani Norihiro, Dylan Nyoukis, Fatboobs, w/ Jesjit Gill, Andrew Zukerman, Jeff Garcia, Zeesy Powers
Printed, collated, bound - JH
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