Thursday, August 6, 2009


Emanating from the sewer steamed wilted yellow okra of the mind's-eye/ third-eye camera godhead the Dreamcatcher shoots forth with a primordial clam-chowder slick filling your MINDSHIT with light like urine fills the pant seats of the incontinent. You might know this dreamteam from previous heavy jammers on American Tapes, Heresee, Pink Triforce and Ecstatic Peace, and you've probably liked them too. You've probably spent full nights making long-distant phone calls to your phantom-hips and drinking the liquid fleece from your own pelvic-saddle in a morbid contortion groping the history of dance for one step that'll appropriately assimilate itself to Dreamcatcher's future dance-o-mometer. This thaistick is for FREAKS ONLY.

3 x 10”, lithograph on board, folding, velcro seal, Cassette
ED 70
Dreamcatcher – Katherine Kline, Blake Hargreaves
Art – Andrew Zukerman
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