Thursday, August 6, 2009


This nugget was recorded on my computer last year by Brian Seeger while I was away at work. He was here on business pitching tofu roast to the Don Jail culinary staff and i booked him to play my living room. Here is the unexpurgated document of what transpired the morning after said gig. For those of you that aren't yet hip to Seeger's deep loop agenda this is the perfect introduction. This thick jammer is a serpentine dawdle down the corn-row ouroboros of magnetic infinitude; a tape-loop lasso encircling the gamut of aural intention and chance; clarinet and pre-recorded sources run, smear and bitchslaps into and against each other, always on the brim of the gaping black-hole like chasm of analogue delay but never plummeting indefinitely into the slick-rick everlasting-land like so many of his contemporaries. 

Clamshell case, screenprinted cover and inserts, Cassette
ED. 40
Pon De Replay – Brian Seeger
Art – Andrew Zukerman

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