Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ID M THEFT ABLE in Toronto: February 5th

Wellll, I'm just in the midst of putting the final touches on the Winter Update and it should be posted later today or tomorrow. In the meantime I would like to take the opportunity to post a little something about a show that is coming up soon. Id M Theft Able is a good friend from Maine and one of the most interesting performances going, and so it is an honor to be hosting this event for him in Toronto. Sometime in the near future a collaborative cd between Id and GFReflex will be surfacing on Norway's Humbug Records. Keep a lookout for that piece of delinquency soon... OK:

Primary Colors/Restaurant Makeover present:
Friday February 5th, 9pm
@ House Everlasting Super Joy (225 Sterling Rd., Unit #23)

Id M Theft Able (Maine) - In the mouth of the Skittles factory are three rotten teeth. Smell is often accompanied. No one could have guessed this is the real thing... Id M Theft Able makes music with his spittle, pendulous and smacking an amplified griddle horse.

Metis Yeti (Montreal) - Drummed up from the depths of a line cooks perspiration, the pustulent deity of deep crust flowers and rainbows, bubblegum ice cream and southern-fried infant heads, makes himself a spot on the ottoman's head piece.

Bill Bill - Karma is a sock chore at a chain-gang recreation. Someone helped themselves to the craft services and her twitching eye is out for justice.

Parkade - Benched for insubordination, one athlete's struggle with life, love and a glove compartment full of unfinished crossword puzzles.

DJ BC Bud, formerly DJ Raptor Cum, formerly DJ Raptor Adrenaline

Also - if you couldn't make it to the show last Saturday and wonder how it went, you should check out Ayal Senior's version of how it transpired...

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