Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Update!

Finally got this update on its feet... Hope you like what you see!
The fall update, due sometime in October/November, should include the Evil Moisture LP, This is Yvonne Lovejoy (Glands of External Secretion) 7" lathe, MV&EE double cassette/book, Brian Ruryk cassette, Andrew Zukerman book/7" lathe, more Ryan Driver and more!
In the meantime please make yourself familiar with these new wares and click on any of the photos to enlarge:


Diatric Puds is a Californian brain trust spearheaded by Count Loachfillet... With his gaggle of undead musical minions he retools the sternness of electronic music in his own cemetery sensibility, allowing it to cross-breed and co-mingle with a playful haunted house sound effects vibe no doubt reminiscent of the cherished halloweens of your youth. This dish of haunted chop suey features the rutting of some decapitated cat manning a cauldron of devoured souls with fingernail xylophones, a witch with a speech impediment, every album thought to contain subliminal messages played backwards all at once and the sodden graveyard memories of a mangled airplane casualty who died in vain.
This truly scary 7" comes in a 48 page deluxe hardcover silkscreened book with art by Jacob Horwood, Andrew Zukerman, Andy Bolus, Winston Hacking, Michael Comeau and North Mutator. Edition of 100.

Diatric Puds and the Blobettes "Weird Watusi" side one

kommissar hjuler/mama baer - perverse schlaeuche


I've had a hell of a week. Between going to work and assembling this release which contains 2 cassettes, an artist print of one of Kommissar Hjuler's demented puppets and two stamped latex gloves in an edition of 150, I have been looking for the words to describe the music therein. And so, at my wits end, I have recruited this cat here to do that for me......................


edddddddmte mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
o n.............................................. 888888888888
sab deeeeeeeeeeeeeeek\6

... Needless to say, another classic in the ever-expanding catalogue of this exciting and conceptually-intruiging duo. Do not miss out on this utterly confounding piece of freak-ephemera.

Mama Baer:

Kommissar Hjuler:

ryan driver - glamour

For some time now the Quintet has assembled in the Southern Cross room of the Tranzac club in Toronto every last Friday of every month. When the clock strikes 10 the magic hour begins; ivory keys unfurl and dance on exuberant embers, cymbals recline for a lazy twilight grooming and slack strings pluck and slap back on the warm gloss of a veritable fantasia or else mutter exhausted impersonations of an ancient river's caterwaul. Carried along in their current is the buoyant voice of Mr.Driver, who in his unique stride intones unaffected arias of love and loss.
To call this psychedelic lounge, with all it's negative Buddah Bar connotation, would be slanderous. What I don't mind calling it is Really Nice Music.
Comes in a white clamshell case with a silkscreened, photocopied and hand dotted cover.

Ryan Driver Quintet "The End of a Love Affair"

hrvatski/ keith fullerton whitman cassette


We here at Beniffer are pleased to bring to you two projects by the ever impressive Keith Fullerton Whitman who not only runs the most thorough and tasteful distro on the internet these days but has, in his possession, the magic wand that only true electronic music wizards can lay claim to.
The Hrvatski side seems to me like the wettest, wildest dreams of Alex Empire who has been institutionalized after seeing god in the pages of a Bop magazine which he systematically ate out of a blender which wouldn't turn off. There is a lot of things happening here, but at the center of it all is a relentless sort of car chase beat pattern that never let's up which is perfect if you're late for a blowjob scene in a Michael Bay movie.
The KFW piece, bereft of the onslaught of side one, nonetheless bows to the same caffeinated deity. This time around the main attraction is mysterious foreground warble, like intercepted noise off a sphinxlike anomaly, transmitting vague messages from a subterranean religion, washed out in the last ice age.
The cassette comes in a sleeve with a full size double sided poster with silkscreened art by Jacob Horwood on the cover, something else on the back by Andrew Zukerman.


Keith Fullerton Whitman:

signals from origin 5 cassette


This is another mid-nineties gem from the same starry-eyed subterranean drug cult that spawned thee Gnostics, but unlike the panoramic grab-bag of semi-rehearsed garage-punk lunacy of the double cassette released earlier this year, this contains but one "dosed" session from the winter of 1994. The aural residue left from said session illustrates the ascent into lysergic connectedness, moving at once from dissonent bog water rafting, through insect-like walls of anxious indigestion and high noon-style orchestral tuning, through incendiary pastures of sandy quilts and eastern mysticism and finally down the quaking path of a schizophrenic quarry where churning harmoniums and medieval poetry coalesce into the ultimate hell ride. Everything here vibrates with the violent calm before a holographic lobotomy and I can only give it the highest recommend for those looking to expand their what the fuck collection.
Tape comes in a case.

Zamut Nevagnu Eniarrol:

... and the Man Made Hill LP which has already been posted here which we'll consider part of this update.
thanks for reading.

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