Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beniffer Editions Discography Oct 2010

: diatric puds & the blobbettes “the weird watusi” - 7” / 48 page hardcover book
: kommissar hjuler / mama baer “perverse schlaeuche” - split double cs / posters / stamped latex gloves
: ryan driver quintet “glamour” - cs
: zamut nevagnu eniarrol “signals from origin 5” - cs
: man made hill “puzzle answers” LP
: hrvatski / keith fullerton whitman “b/w butcher shop” cs / poster
: dj dog dick “from place to place” - cs – SOLD OUT
: cubic susuration / jakob olausson – split lathe 7” - SOLD OUT
: wasted nymph “urlapse” - cs
: matthew albert dunn “peace be your rider” - cs
: andrew zukerman “don't dress the petal near the void” - lathe 7”/ cs / poster – SOLD OUT
: thee gnostics “archival” - 2xCS / 56 page booklet
: brian ruryk “cycle of fords” - 6CD boxset – SOLD OUT
: ayal senior “hebrew lips” - cs – SOLD OUT
: archaic women “the hit sixties” - cs/poster
:  schimpfluch gruppe "paris 961123" - LP
:  metalux "1-0-0-3" - cs 
wasted nymph "inmost diarrhea of the astral crone #2" - cs
ignatz "some of them are funny songs" – cs SOLD OUT
:  crown now, dolphins into the future, lead sister II, man made hill w/ "the last screenplay" by ayal senior - "beniffer editions winter anthology" - 2xcs / 100 page book
:  wasted nymph "inmost diarrhea of the astral crone #1" - cs 
:  matt dunn "church of the transfiguration" - 2xcs / 34 page book *SOLD OUT
:  bad boy butch batson "spare parts" - LP
:  the pink noise "birdland" - cs/foldout  - SOLD OUT
:  pon de replay - st - cs
:  pod blotz/ blood stereo - cs/book – SOLD OUT
:  transcendental rodeo "volume 1" -cdr – SOLD OUT
:  ayal senior "normal galaxy blues" – cdr/poster –
:  sisprum vish "anthems against overhead lighting" - cs/offcut book
:  deepkiss 720 "caz world" - cs/gaping place mat
:  odradek/josh thorpe - cs *SOLD OUT
:  ayal senior "spacecakes" - cdr/star of david *SOLD OUT
:  braiincloud/garden (ayal senior) - cs - *SOLD OUT
convergence "live 1979" – cs – SOLD OUT
monopolka "massive ejaculation" – 7"/book – SOLD OUT
gastric female reflex "plays the joplin scarecrow" - cd/book *SOLD OUT
bomb treb "oh fuck (its a sensible odyssey)" - cd/poster
dreamcatcher "cramming" – cs – SOLD OUT
: "organ standards:" id m theft able/loachfillet - 2xcd (1 album each)
man made hill "neck test" cs *SOLD OUT
edith bunker's demonized vomit insurance "bipsum quoder" - 2xcd
orphan fairytale "seahorse soup" - cs - *SOLD OUT
the reveries "play the music of sade" cd/beauty-box *SOLD OUT
: beniffer zine w/ zeloot, karen constance, thomas bernard, jelle crama, mark van helburg, id m theft able, crank sturgeon, andrew zukerman, mark pellegrino, zeke. s. elough, yorgue HE, jeff garcia, witcyst
brian ruryk/ gastric female reflex - split 12" LP
tiroro and his voodoo drums *SOLD OUT
brian random's answering machine cassette favorites - cdr *SOLD OUT
gastric female reflex and crank sturgeon "live at radio centraal" *SOLD OUT
massaccesi "celebrating the destruction of artistic integrity" - cd/foldout
ignatz "they are quiet as mice" - cs - *SOLD OUT
vluba "green lion tapes vol.2" - cs *SOLD OUT
:  aum sahib "on beniffer" - cs
: v/a beniffer nosejobs and anklesocks cassette
mansfield deathtrap rerecordings - cs - *SOLD OUT
futurians/falcoxi - split cs - *SOLD OUT
:  dwarfed genitalia community players cdr (charles balls/crank sturgeon split) *SOLD OUT
sounds of porkers attempting to out-run hiroshima - cdr *SOLD OUT
gastric female reflex "accounts for head gardening tape" *SOLD OUT
gastric female reflex "lovers in the midst of eating fries" LP *SOLD OUT
sounds of interrogation and non-compliance - cs
sounds of northern alberta hutterite colonies circa 1981- cs
bjerga/iversen "adding fuel to the fire" - cd *SOLD OUT
charles balls "chafing spirit seeks vendetta acrobatics" - cs *SOLD OUT
thom brush - cs *SOLD OUT
yucca lost tribe fellowship - cs *SOLD OUT
pan dolphinic dawn "pts.I & II" - 7" *SOLD OUT
disguises/ 13 moons "splitsville vol.1" cd
id m theft able "the xylophoning of dirges" cd
tovah olson "on beniffer" cd *SOLD OUT
charles balls "collapsable duchovny hole is a well-fudged canopy deposit!" - cs *SOLD OUT
charles balls "less difficult to hard water" cd *SOLD OUT
charred balls and amber rod "self-titled" cd *SOLD OUT
:  the sounds of north american adult bookstores "self-titled" - cd
:  witcyst "did an eggburger #13" - cd *SOLD OUT
:  brian ruryk "smeared gravity and guitars lipping off" - cd *SOLD OUT
:  crank sturgeon/gastric female reflex split 7" *SOLD OUT
: beniffer editions 15 "various projects" - 2xcs *SOLD OUT
: charred balls "junk in the trunk vol.2: god told me not to put it in there" *SOLD OUT
:  gastric female reflex "wing nite" *SOLD OUT

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